Right Time Right Talk Experience

Parents, caregivers, teachers and leaders alike can benefit from a Right Time Right Talk seminar, specialized training or lesson with me. Collectively, I refer to these as a RTRT Experience.



…you are the first and most important lines of defense against Satan's attacks on the hearts, minds and sexual development of all the children you influence. If you don't help them, who will? Google, YouTube and their friends will. That's who. Please don't let that happen.



…you have been placed in your leadership positions by God for many reasons. People look to you for help and guidance in all matters of life. In a world full of sexual junk food, parents and children alike are starving for the kind of practical, spiritual milk and meat that a RTRT Experience can provide.


With a RTRT Experience parents, caregivers, teachers and leaders, you can expect to learn...


RTRT Experiences include 1-3 hour lessons or seminars about: 


RTRT Experiences also include:


So don't hesitate to contact me and let me know how I can help your church, community group, organization, etc.!


If you'd like more information, email me directly at jonathan@RightTimeRightTalk.com with your questions and requests.